Some North Coast Walks

Walk NI - A great resource for walks around Northern Ireland..

Useful & fun utilities

Here are a couple of really useful utilities I often use.

  • Google Cardboard - Offers a Virtual Reality experience for everyone..

    I really can't recommend this enough, for a few dollars from I AM CARDBOARD
    Just a point to note; make sure that the Google Cardboard you order will work with your phone, it should list compatible phones in the description.
    VR is should really take off in 2016, and this is a great and cheap way to experience it.
    Google have also developed an app that will allow you to take 360 VR images, currently there is no share, but this is coming and will make it even more popular. Get in early and enjoy the experience :)

  • Periscope - Explore the world through someone else's eyes.

    This is an app released by Twitter early to mid 2015. The idea behind it is, that anyone can live broadcast from their phone / tablet, this in turn can be viewed by anyone else (unless you block them). It is interactive in that you can message the person broadcasting and they may reply. Pretty cool to see your favourite musician jamming on an acoustic, replying to your feedback :-)
    There are settings to broadcast privately to followers you select. The broadcast will remain available for 24 hours, after which it will be deleted, and no one can view it. You can however save your broadcasts to your device.
    This app (at time of writing - 02Jun15) is really new, so there are a few things that will make it better, like searching by location or keyword. As expected with an app like this, there is a lot of rubbish being broadcaast, but also some real nuggets. If you want to check the broadcasts out before installing the app go here, although this is not a true reflection of the app. The app will highlight the three most popular live broadcasts and also can alert you when people you follow start a live broadcast.

  • Snipping Tool - part of Microsoft Windows.

    I continue to be surprised when I meet people who often have to create reports or documents and struggle to get images or charts into the document quickly and without a lot of fuss. I find the Snipping Tool to be so useful I have it pinned to my task bar. It allows you to quickly capture any part of the screen, which can then be pasted directly to your document. Totally hassle free.

  • Glympse - a share your location tool.

    Brilliant app which allows you to send your location to someone. They can then track you, say to meet up for a coffee. The key to Glympse is that you decide how long you want your location to be shown, it will create a session for that time and stop showing your location when the session expires. You also have the option to prematurely expire the session.
    If you have children, then one use could be to get out to a park and play hide & seek using Glympse. Two groups, one run off and hide then send a Glympse to the seeker group. Let the kids track the hiding group :)

  • IFTTT (Now IF) - Put the internet to work for you.

    Great app and very useful. This app alows you to automate all manner of things. A couple of examples of how I use it are - record in a google sheet when it starts to rain in my home town - turn off my wifi when I leave home (to save battery) - log a Tweets in a given area, irrespective of content.

  • Evernote - Awesome note app (The workspace for your life's work).

    i have been using Evernote since its launch in 2008, and really dont think I could be without now. It is similar to OneNote and there has been many discussions as to which is best. I use and love both, and they keep getting better.

  • OneNote - Another awesome note app (The digital note-taking app for your devices).

    Same as Evernote, great..

  • Geocaching - Join the anytime, anywhere real-world adventure.

    This is a great idea, I have been a member since 2005. Great fun for kids of all ages :)

  • TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) - Ideas worth spreading.

    Just check it out, there are many great inspirational, informative and funny talks on here. Just enjoy..

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